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 Coffee that makes you sip and say:

 Damn that's good


Back in 2018, an opportunity presented itself, an idea took root and a dream was realized. Thus, The Fat Seed was born. You may recognize us as the third-wave café + restaurant with the vibrant murals, eclectic décor and easy-going vibe; the café that’s packed with university students on the weekdays, and brimming with coffee-lovers and brunch-goers alike on the weekends. We’re the coffee shop that’s always there for the people living, working and studying along Katipunan.


Our focus has always been on providing a great experience, reveling in good aesthetics, and serving quality products. All our coffee is thoughtfully sourced. Beans are chosen for their sublime and distinctive taste profile. Once a bean has been chosen for its memorable taste, it is roasted to perfection in small-batches on-site. After a considerate cupping process, the beans are ready to be shared with you, our customers.


Enjoy your favorite cup in the coziness of our café or bring our beans home, either whole or ground, to brew and enjoy on your own. We take steps to ensure that good coffee is a thrilling and effortless, easy to understand and appreciate, and above all – fun.  Just the way it should be. We are dedicated to creating great experiences. We want to be your favorite place, with your favorite food, and your favorite coffee.

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